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Episode 335 - Artist Spotlight - La Chat | @dareallachat
April 14, 2019 02:02 PM PDT
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Memphis, TN rap legend La Chat.

Her name is Chastity Daniels, but mostly known over the world as LaChat. One of the most talented rising female rappers in the industry. Hailing from Memphis, TN, she has always loved hip hop music and considers M.C. Lyte as a role model. She has her own style of music that sets her apart from your typical female artist. She considers herself as being the voice that represents hustling, thug-life and most importantly the street females and mothers. She has helped open doors for up and coming female rap artist. Her career began back in 1998 with the Oscar Winning Group Three 6 Mafia. Her first Platinum feature, with Three Six Mafia, “Chicken Head” was on Project Pat’s album. After that the doors opened for her to become the Queen in Hip Hop she is. She was featured on numerous other projects with Three Six Mafia including “Two Way Freak” and “Baby Mama”. LaChat has written tracks that were featured in popular movies such as “Baby Boy” and the hit HBO series “Oz”. She also played a starring role in the movie “Choices”. She later released her first solo album. “Murder She Spoke” in 2001 selling over 200,000 units and counting.

Since then, she has been released from the group and has released several independent projects such as “Ultimate Revenge” in July 2004 selling over 8,000 units independently and “Dramatized” November 2004 selling over 10,000 units.( Both albums without any major promotion.) She later released her third Solo album “Bad Influence” in November 2006 which is still selling to this day. In between these albums she has been satisfying her fans with features and mix tapes with many major artists such as Shawnna of DTP, Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane and Mike Jones,Waka Flocka,8ball to name a few. She has recently started her own record label “Dime-A-Dozen” releasing her fourth independent album “Da Hood Home Girl” in July of 2008. She recently released a Trap-a-holics “Krumbz 2 Brickz”,May 2010,with other up-comin projects to be released with such success she has received numerous awards for her achievements such as;
August 2007:
The SEA awards: “Female Mixtape Artist of the Year”

August 2008
The Memphis, TN awards: “The Best Independent Female Artist of the Year”

September 2008
Tenn. Hip- Hop Awards: “ The Best Female Artist of the Year”

October 2008
Atlanta’s Underground Awards: “ The Best Female Artist of the Year”

November 2009
Knockdown Award;”Underground Queen Award

Through LaChat’s struggles and hustles in the game, she still manages to eat off of her well deserved fame. She still gets booked for shows all around the United States and draws in record crowds. As you see, She is a very hard worker and will never give up at what she loves.

Episode 334 - Artist Spotlight - Julisa @itsjulisa_
April 10, 2019 07:34 PM PDT
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Julisa.

Julisa is the spirt of enlightenment and the embodiment of human warmth, with a voice as soulful as Lauryn Hill and a flow as effortless as Missy Elliott. Julisa was dubbed “The Female J. Cole,” but if we’re being honest, she’s a phenomena, entirely unlike any one particular contemporary or past artist. Embracing her social intuitive knowledge and her ability to let loose going from songs such as Nappy Thoughts to Thick Girls she retains a versatility unlike any other. Julisa has had her music featured on Ball in the Family and her musical prowess is all in the family; her grandfather drummed had the opportunity to drum for Duke Ellington before he became a household name and it’s safe to say that strong rhythm finesse has been passed down to Julisa, who is sure to become a household name soon.

Visit Julisa's media company at http://julisamedia.com/

Artist Spotlight - The Good People | @djemskee
March 31, 2019 05:51 PM PDT
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In this episode, we politick with The Good People.

The Good People, consisting of The Saint (Producer) and Emskee (Emcee), is a perfect blend of soulful classic hip-hop with meaningful lyrics. Some call it "Throwback music." Others have called it "Grown Folk Hip Hop." The Good People call it hip-hop that comes from their soul and would like to share it with listeners that are otherwise forced to listen to music they cannot relate to. Come listen to what hip-hop has been missing.

Artist Spotlight - Avrex | @Avrexhiphop
March 25, 2019 08:45 PM PDT
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Avrex.

Avrex aka Avery A. Belton is a musician born outside of Boston in Leominster, Massachusetts.Taking the first part of his name Av and adding Rex the latin word for king, used to describe king's in Ancient Rome we give you The Movement "Avrex".The movement is made up of DISCIPLES who care for their families, love God and have a passion for creating their own businesses. Community involvement youth outreach and Christian ministry outreach is the staple and foundation of his belief.

From the age of 9-17 Avrex was moved to and from foster homes, mental institutions, group homes and jail. This makes his story so powerful and gives explanation to why he deems the CHILDREN most important in establishing faith.
In reference to, Avrex say's "children are the thermostat to which we can see the good given from God in it's infancy before sin has bloomed in it's conscious state". Avrex also believes that health wellness and discipline are at the forefront of being an entrepreneur at high levels of productivity.

Artist Spotlight - SheGo Turbo | @shegoturbo
March 17, 2019 01:28 PM PDT
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with SheGo Turbo.

SheGo Turbo is a young female artist from the north-west suburbs right outside Chicago. Growing up in a very religious home where both her parents are pastors they would not allow her to listen to rap music or anything that promoted profanity. Turbo didn’t let that stop her though, she loved hip hop, r&b or how most people would say “baby making music” along with all types of different genres & songs she knew her parents wouldn’t approve of. She is the second to youngest child of 5 brothers and 1 sister. SheGo was forced to join choirs and sing in churches but also took it upon herself to study the music she preferred listening too. While creating her own sound she found herself dropping remixes on SoundCloud and it gained the attention of her classmates at the several schools she attended. On March 4th 2019 SheGo Turbo released her first solo project “After Hurt”. Her unique flow, and harmonic melodies draws you in the minute you plug her into your speaker. She has some big things planned for her future as an artist shes definitely an artist to look out for this year!

Just 2 Black Brothers - Serius Jones Interview | @SERIUSJONES
March 08, 2019 01:35 PM PST
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In this episode of J2BB, we are joined by the battle rap legend Serius Jones. Jones shares insight from being in the rap game for over 20 years. A dope dope interview.

Artist Spotlight - B Leafs | @BLeafsMusic
March 03, 2019 03:06 PM PST
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we poltick with B Leafs.

Upcoming Boston based producer B Leafs with a focus using an organic, authentic vibe to bring together a variety of talented artists from all over the world. January 29th, 2019 marks the date he releases his debut studio album "The Horizon" featuring a star-studded line-up including Raekwon, Masta Ace, Elzhi, Styles P, Cormega, Large Pro, Skyzoo, Ras Kass, M-Dot, Termanology and many others. The full-length project allowed him to connect with artists who have yet to work with one another a give them a chance to collaborate and create something different. Follow B Leafs on twitter @bleafsmusic for updates.

Artist Spotlight - Jandro | @Iam_Jandro
February 24, 2019 05:15 PM PST
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with 20yr old Hip-Hop artist from Abq, NM Jandro.

YouTube- Official Jandro

Artist Spotlight - Castro Escobar | @CastroEscobar9
February 18, 2019 06:32 PM PST
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In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Castro Escobar.

Fidel A. Castro (born August 24th, 1993) better known by his stage name Castro Escobar is a Mexican rapper/songwriter from West Columbia Texas. Mostly known for his songs “Risk it” “voicemail” and “Gimme Time” with Snow Tha Product. Castro was born in Rio Bravo Tamaulipas and was brought to the U.S as a child and migrated to Marietta Georgia where he spent most of his childhood. At the Age of 13 Castro and his family moved to West Columbia TX do to financial issues.

Castro’s music is influenced by nothing more and nothing less than his life, From being an immigrant in the U.S to Violence and drinking in his household. Castro takes everything that has happened in his lifetime and applies it in his lyrics. Castro started to rap along with his peers at the age of 16. Being from the Houston area Castro’s early rap Influences were mostly from Houston such as Slim Thug, Paul wall, chamillionare, Lil Ke Ke, SPM, UGK. After quite some time Castro decided to take the music a little more serious and invested in original beats, music videos and features such as Kap G for his projects.

The song “My work” ft Kap G gained the attention from many people and there is now a “My work pt.2” with Snow tha Product as well. Castro has 3 projects (2 mixtapes & 1 EP) that are available in every music platform. His recent project “Fidel’s Snack” is his most personal and maybe his best one yet. Castro decided to put everything that has happened to him in the last year and put it in his music from loosing his home to loosing his mother to Breast Cancer. Castro is currently a part of the Vibehigher crew with Snow Tha Product and has more music and projects on the way.



Artist Spotlight - Malcolm Chester and Rob:Earth-One
February 12, 2019 07:40 PM PST
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In this edition of PoPolitickin, we politick with Malcolm Chester and Rob:Earth-One.

College students in Charlotte, NC, Malcolm Chester and Rob:Earth-One created The Social Contract (Record label and hip-hop collective) and have been dropping music since. With four solo projects and three collaborative projects under his belt Rob:Earth-One has a lot of experience with performing music and controlling crowds. With three solo projects and three collaborative projects himself, Malcolm Chester is also a force to be respected. Since forming The Social Contract, Malcolm Chester and Rob:Earth-One have developed a very responsive fan base in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh, Greensboro, and surrounding areas.



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